Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Monitor Kit

Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Monitor Kit
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Protect your wine collection from dangerous temperatures and humidity with an affordable, easy to use remote monitor and alert system. 

The Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Monitor Kit from Vinotemp will send custom text and e-mail alerts to notify you when the temperature or humidity exceeds your desired range, when the monitor battery is low, or when the connection is lost, allowing you to maintain optimum storage conditions wherever you are. Using the online control panel, you can remotely monitor your wine collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your mobile device or web browser. View current readings or a 7 day history graph. Change alert settings anytime or download the measurement log. You can also view current air temperature, relative humidity and probe temperature readings on the sensor’s LCD. 5 Year service term included. 

Wine Kit includes: Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Internet Gateway, AC Adaptor and LAN cable


  • Enhanced Service (1 Year)* 
  • Measures ambient air temperature and humidity 
  • Min/Max temperatures with time and date stamps 
  • Downloadable 7 day history graph 
  • Selectable sample rate (min.) 
  • Monitors battery life: GOOD/LOW 
  • Internet connection quality: 0-100% 
  • E-mail and text alerts (SMS): low battery, exceeds min/max limits, connection loss for 1 hour 
  • Enables you to view 10 most recent alerts 
  • Monitors battery life: GOOD/LOW Internet connection quality: 0-100%
  • Basic Service (4 Years) 

*Enhanced service must be renewed after 1 year ($12 per year), or all registered sensors will revert to the Basic Service for the remainder of the term.

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