Wine Lockers

Wine Lockers

Why Should I Invest in Wine Lockers?

Wine lockers are perfect for multi-tenant spaces such as a country club or social club because they provide secure wine storage for members. In addition to being stylish, they add a feeling of exclusivity and provide benefits for both the business owner and their guests.

Benefits for Your Customers

Guests love wine lockers for a number of reasons. Patrons can always have a supply of wine or liquor on hand at your establishment. This allows them to enjoy both a meal and drink of choice without having to carry around a bottle and/or pay a corkage fee. Each locker can be personalized with a name plaque, making the guest feel like a true VIP. Their stored collection can be curated to their favorites based on suggestions from an in-house sommelier or bartender. Staff can assist them in ordering bottles in advance, ensuring they never run out of their favorites. 

Benefits for Your Business

Wine lockers can also benefit the business. Providing customers with wine lockers can eliminate unwanted overstock since stock is sold based on customer requests before it even arrives. Guests become repeat customers because their name is on the front of their wine locker, making the restaurant or club more of a second home. They may also be given a member discount to encourage repeat purchases.

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Vinotemp wine lockers are handcrafted using quality wine cellar materials and are custom built to meet the needs of your venue – we will even key lockers to your specifications. With a variety of finish options, bottle capacities, and door designs available, your Vinotemp wine lockers will provide safe and beautiful wine storage. Contact our cellar experts at 1-800-777-VINO (8466) or email [email protected]

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