Zero-G Clasp - Replacement Part

Zero-G Clasp - Replacement Part
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Vinotemp's Zero-G Clasp is a small metal ring designed to provide support for Suspended Pole Wine Racking System. This item is necessary to keep the block of wood or acrylic used to keep it from sliding. Suitable for Zero-G Suspended Pole and Acrylic Block.

Inspired by minimalism and clean lines, Vinotemp's Zero-G Suspended Wine Racking System provides a modern storage solution for your wine collection. This state-of-the-art system creates the illusion that your bottles are floating while holding your collection in place. Aluminum rods, clasps, and acrylic blocks or wood blocks create a sturdy and artful base.

NOTE: Every 5 to 7 blocks high column should have side bracing. The acrylic blocks with side holes and horizontal side poles for bracing are also available.

When buying packs of 10, you will receive 10% off and freight discounts

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Made of metal
Perfect replacement part
Dimensions: 3/4" Diameter and 3/8" H
There are 3 parts to make a Zero-G wine racking system:
Zero-G Clasp, Pole, and Acrylic Block
You can purchase these component parts separately.
Two rows of side blocks and side poles across the middle are recommended for bracing.
Every 5 to 7 blocks high column should have side bracing.
NOTE: The above images are shown without a wine racking system.

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label

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