Suspended Wine Cellars

Suspended Wine Cellars

Create the illusion of your wine collection being suspended in air with our Zero G, Peg, and Metal Wine Racks.

All racks can be customized to fit into a cabinet or wine room.

Do You Have the Right Wine-Mate Wine Cooling System For Your Project?

Find the best cooling system for your wine cabinet or wine cellar by calculating the heat load using one of our calculators.

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Suspended Wine Cellars

Create the illusion that your wine collection is suspended in the air with Vinotemp’s Zero-G, peg, and metal wine racking. All wine racks can be customized to fit into a wine cabinet or wine room, depending on the specifications of your wine cellar project. Check out our gallery or use one of our request forms to start your project today.

Features of a Suspended Wine Cellar

A suspended wine cellar uses hanging wine racks or wall-mounted wine racks to give the illusion that a wine collection is floating in place with minimal support. Sleek lines that create an airy feel are some of the distinctive characteristics of this particular style of wine storage. Types of racking used to create the look of a suspended wine cellar include metal wine racks, wine pegs, cable wine racks, and acrylic wine racks. Glass panels or walls can be integrated into the design to protect bottles and, when used with a cellar cooling system, create a temperature-controlled environment. These refrigerated wine walls have the same benefits as a traditional wine cellar because they create the best environment for aging wine.

About Custom Wine Racking

Before you begin your custom wine storage project, you will need to collect some useful information. Set a budget for how much you would like to spend on wine storage. Next, you should decide if you would like your suspended wine cellar to include a cellar cooling system. Determine how many bottles you would like to store and the type of bottles you will be storing. This information is especially crucial if you are storing wine bottles with non-traditional sizes such as magnum or splits. You must know the dimensions of the space where you would like to install the wine racking and whether or not it is adequately insulated. Finally, specify the style of the racking you would like to use.

FAQ Suspended Wine Cellars

1. How do I request a quote for a custom wine wall? You may use the custom wine room quote form, call 1-800-777-8466, or email
2. Do your suspended wine cellars come in different racking styles? Yes. Vinotemp offers peg, metal, acrylic, cable wine racks, and more.
3. What is the difference between label view and neck out wine racking? Label view wine racks hold the wine bottle horizontally with the label facing out. Neck out wine racking holds the bottle horizontally with the neck facing forward. Sometimes the rack will be at a slight angle with the neck facing the floor. This position helps to keep the cork moist.
4. Can suspended wine racks be installed more than one bottle deep? Yes. Select wine racking is available in 2 or 3 deep bottle capacities.
5. How many wine racks should I order? It would be best if you planned for enough space for your current wine collection plus add additional space to accommodate your wine purchasing habits.

Contact Vinotemp Today to Start Your Custom Suspended Wine Cellar Project

Vinotemp has been working with homeowners and business owners to create stunning wine cellars. Some of our work can is displayed in famous hotels, restaurants, and bars such as the Ritz Carlton in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, or Gordan Ramsey Steak in Las Vegas, NV. Let us make your dream wine cellar a reality. Call us today at 1-800-777-8466 or email
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