Wine-Mate 6500HZD Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

Wine-Mate 6500HZD Self-Contained Wine Cooling System
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Mounting Brackets for Self-Contained Wine-Mate Cooling Units. Please note: some installations may require 4 brackets instead of 2.

Wine-Mate 6500HZD self-contained cooling system provides horizontal cold air discharge that is optimized for use in wide cabinets or wine rooms. This durable unit is equipped with an LED digital display which includes an alarm feature that will alert you to cooling issues, an easy power on/off switch, and reliable digital electronic thermostat. Wine-Mate Cooling Systems are long-lasting, reliable, America-made cooling units manufactured to the highest quality standards. Top and rear exhaust options are available for convenient installation of this unit. Plus, no refrigeration specialists are needed--it ships to you fully-charged and ready to use.

Wine-Mate cooling systems are also perfect for storing fine fur, cigars, leather goods, chocolate and salami! For an additional cost, Wine-Mate systems can be customized for your exact storage needs - please call for more information!


  • -SELF-CONTAINED: This unit is a self-contained, all-in-one, and ready for use. No copper tubing or drain line are required.
  • -EXHAUST: Rear (standard) or top
  • -SUPPLY: Horizontal cold air supply is optimized for use in wine rooms.
  • -VENTING: When installed into a wine cabinet or cellar, this unit must vent outside.
  • -TEMPERATURE: The WM-6500HZD cooling unit is designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 50~65°F for a properly insulated and sized space.
  • -AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE: The ambient temperature range for WM-6500HZD should not be higher than 95°F or lower than 50°F in order to operate properly.
  • -HUMIDITY CONTROL: The refrigerated space will maintain humidity within the range of 50~75% RH. We use an exclusive method to provide additional humidity.
  • -REFRIGERANT: Uses R134a refrigerant which is considered environmentally friendly
  • -DISPLAY: Digital display with easy push-button controls
  • -NOTIFICATIONS: Display notifications provide alerts help to protect your wine cellar and alert you when maintenance is required.
  • -CONTROL PANEL: Control panel includes digital display, manual defrost button, up and down arrows to adjust temperature as well as browse parameters, power button, and SET button.
  • -Four high speed fans for air efficiency
  • -Removable grill for easy cleaning
  • -WARRANTY: Self-contained units 1 year warranty on parts, 1 year labor.

Wine Bottle Probe & Digital Control Panel
The probe provides an accurate reading of the temperature of your wine, and this easy-to-use digital control panel makes it simple to change settings.


  • -Standard rear exhaust with the option to upgrade to top exhaust for an additional fee.
  • -Mounting brackets are available for an additional fee.
  • -Add the Wine Bottle Probe to receive the most accurate reading of your wine's temperature. The Wine Bottle Probe measures the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle to ensure your wine is kept at the ideal temperature and plugs directly into your cellar cooling system.


  • -DIMENSIONS: 17” W x 28” D x 22” H
  • -WEIGHT: 110lb
  • -NOISE: 66 dBA for cooling unit and 63 dBA for wine room
  • -CFM: 500
  • -BTU: 6500
  • -COVERAGE SIZE: 1500 cu ft

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label

Compare Sound Levels 3 Feet from the Cooling Unit vs 3 Feet from the Cellar
dBA Sound Chart for Self-Contained Wine-Mates

Air Filter Placement On Wall Grille
Air Filter on Wall Grille

Air Filter Placement On a Wine Cabinet
Air Filter on Cabinet

Note: If there are windows or if the cabinet is not located inside the home at the proper ambient temperature, the bottle coverage capacity and cubic feet will need to be reduced.

Wine~Mate cooling units are available in rear or top exhaust, but Vinotemp cabinets are available in rear, front, top or side vents depending on how the cooling unit is installed.

Top exhaust options is available at an additional charge.

Manual & Other Resources:
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- Owner’s Manual
- Spec Sheet

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