VinoTracker Wine Bottle Tracking Computer

VinoTracker Wine Bottle Tracking Computer
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New at Vinotemp specially engineered for our clients. This Screen is about 1 1/2 inches thick and is a Touch Screen with a Stylus. You can download all of your inventory primarily with your PC and then this practical screen, which can be mounted on the outside of your cabinet or on the wall next to your unit or inside your wine room. This software can maintain 100 bottles to 10's of thousands of bottles. Once all of your information is uploaded (via PC) you simply use your touch screen VinoTracker and click what you've taken out, and click what your putting into your collection. Then you will know where and what types of bottles, what vintage, what country and you can do some of your own customizing too. Hooks up to other computers such as laptops, notebooks etc. It can be removed to connect to the computer and placed back, and it can also go inside the wine room, because the computer panel was constructed to handle the temperature and humidity. Once you have your Vinotracker, to upload the information you can enter them one by one, with a keyboard for the initial uploading, or with the stylus. There may be a way to bulk load if you have a list already. So far this is a possible solution: Export the Excel file into a text file (cvs comma delimited), save the text file into a FTP server, connect the Win CE computer to the ftp server via the network port. From the Win CE open the IExplorer and download the text file via FTP. After the download, run the custom application and import the text file. You can install a FTP server on a Windows XP Professional.


  • Wine Cellar Tracking Software Included
  • Easy digital management
  • Touch screen with stylus for interface
  • PC compatible

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