Sauna Steam Safety

Sauna Bath Instructions:

  • When taking a sauna, allow time to relax completely.
  • Remove clothing and jewelry. If required, wear a towel loosely.
  • After 10 minutes or when perspiration begins, leave sauna and relax in dressing area. Follow with a cool shower.
  • Cooling time should equal time spent in sauna. Enter sauna room again and stay 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Repeat cycle 2 or 3 times. End with a brisk shower. Rinse in cool water.
  • Dress when completely dry and perspiration has stopped.
  • Some sauna bathers enjoy the soothing effect of steam by splashing water on the sauna rocks. Use only one dipper full (approx. 1/2 cup) at a time and keep clear of the steam as it rises off the rocks.
  • Do not smoke, exercise or drink alcoholic beverages in the sauna room.
  • Do not pour chlorinated pool or spa water on the heater or corrosion damage may occur.


  • People who suffer from heart disease, diabetes or other ill health, or those who are pregnant should consult their physician before taking a sauna.
  • Do not exceed 30 minutes in the sauna and leave the room immediately if you feel faint, dizzy, sleepy or otherwise uncomfortable.
  • Children under the age of 16 should not use the sauna without adult supervision.

Steam Bath Instructions:

  • Turn steam generator system on. Wait until steam bath reaches the desired temperature and steam density before entering the steam room.
  • Remove all clothing and jewelry before entering the steam room.
  • Enter the steam bath and close the door securely to prevent steam from escaping.
  • Relax and enjoy the warm steam as it relieves muscle tension and refreshes the entire body.
  • A warm shower following a steam bath will relax your body and mind before bed time. Conversely, a steam bath followed by a cool shower will refresh you.
  • Inspect the steam generator routinely for possible maintenance needs.



  • Exit immediately if uncomfortable, dizzy, or sleepy. Staying too long in a heated area is capable of causing overheating.
  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Check with a doctor before using if pregnant, diabetic, in poor health, or under medical care.
  • Breathing heated air in conjunction with consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medication is capable of causing unconsciousness.
  • Do not contact steam head or steam at the steam head.


  • Use care when entering or exiting the steam room, floor may be slippery.
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