Top 10 Vinotemp Wine Coolers 2021

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Vinotemp's 162-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler

When a wine cellar is not in your budget, an excellent storage alternative is a wine refrigerator.

A wine fridge is an appliance explicitly designed for the storage of wine. With a temperature range between 39-65 degrees Fahrenheit, double pane glass or solid doors, sturdy racking, and digital temperature control, wine refrigerators are an affordable way to organize your bottles and ensure they taste delicious once uncorked. Today we are rounding up some of Vinotemp’s top ten wine coolers of 2021. Check out our summary below for a quick shopping guide and a breakdown of why these wine coolers made our top ten.

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EL-54COMM Private Reserve Series 41-Bottle Backlit Panel Commercial 54 Single-Zone Wine Cooler

• The 41-bottle wine cooler has unique label forward VinBo ™ wine racks, a patent-pending Vinotemp exclusive
• Eye-catching interior Backlit™ (baklīt) lighting panel: Heliotrope, Amber, and Vinotemp BioBlu™ back-lit (U.S. Patent No. D868,849 S)
• Vinotemp BioBlu™ inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold inside the wine cooler
• State-of-the-art vibration dampening design minimizes noise and consumes less energy
• All black body with stainless pole handle and front exhaust

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Building a Wine Room

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Custom Glass Wine Cellar by Vinotemp

Today we are discussing some cellar construction basics to consider before you begin your custom wine cellar project.

Each project is unique, and many of these factors will be determined by you and your contractor. Here's what to consider when constructing a wine room of your own, with updated tips and feedback from our valued customers.

Room Construction and Location

Locate your wine cellar in a room with no direct exposure to sunlight/heat, at least one external wall, and ventilation. Wine cellars should be built using standard 2x4 or 2x6 construction methods and ceiling joists following local and state codes' guidelines. As a general rule, thicker cellar walls provide a higher insulation factor and will help to ensure that your collection stays at a consistent temperature.

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Are Wine Fridges Noisy?

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As with any major appliance, a wine refrigerator will make a certain amount of noise when in operation.

A wine refrigerator will operate at around 35 to 45 dB (decibels). For comparison, a kitchen refrigerator can be as loud as 47 dB, and a dishwasher will operate between 46 to 60 decibels. How loud your wine refrigerator is dependent mainly on a few different factors: ambient temperature, proper installation, and whether or not it has a thermoelectric or compressor cooling system.

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Can You Put Beer in a Wine Fridge?

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Vinotemp wine coolers are designed for keeping wine at storage or serving temperature.

Wine coolers maintain a steady temperature around 55 degrees Fahrenheit and have racks that hold bottles horizontally (this position keeps the cork wet to maintain the seal). Can you use wine refrigerators to store beer? Read on to find out.

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How Cold is Too Cold for a Wine Fridge?

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A wine refrigerator can be the best environment for wine.

A wine cooler or wine fridge is an appliance that can maintain a steady temperature specifically for the storage of wine. A consistent temperature of 55°F is essential because the storage temperature can significantly affect the flavors and aromas of the wine. Both storage and serving temperature can impact the wine drinking experience overall. Since we know that wine prefers a cool temperature, how cold is too cold?

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Custom Residential Wine Room Install with Backlit™ Panel Commercial 300 Wine Coolers

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