Signs You Need a New Microwave

brama microwave ovens installed

Your microwave has served your household well for many years, but it shows some signs of wear.

You may begin to wonder if you will need to buy a new one as soon as possible or if it is something that can easily be fixed. Let’s discuss some important signs that you will need to purchase a new microwave soon.

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Best Place in Your Home to Put a Wine Rack

glass cellar with custom racking

Wine racks are versatile wine storage solutions because they can be installed in a variety of locations.

Whether you would like to add a wine rack to your kitchen to organize a small collection or are looking to add wine racks to a future wine cellar, there are many ways to get creative with wine rack placement. Check out our suggestions below for some fresh ideas.

When planning the perfect location for your wine rack, keep an eye out for important conditions that must be met to ensure your collection looks attractive and ages gracefully. First, consider wine’s enemies. Your wine will flourish in a cool room with a stable temperature of 55◦F. You will also need enough humidity to prevent the corks from drying out. Wine should be stored in a dark location where it will not be exposed to direct UV rays or bright lights. Additionally, the location should be free from unnecessary vibrations such as constant foot traffic. Lastly, consider the weight of your wine collection. If you plan to install a wine cellar on the 2nd floor of your home, can the floor withstand the weight of your wine plus the wine rack?

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Brama Retro Refrigerator vs. Smeg Refrigerator

black brama fridge

Are you trying to add a punch of color while incorporating style into your kitchen?

A retro fridge may be the perfect appliance to showcase your unique tastes. When shopping for your new vintage-inspired refrigerator, you may come across both Brama and Smeg retro refrigerators. Here’s how they compare.

Brama Retro Refrigerator

Brama’s Retro Refrigerator is the perfect size for an apartment or smaller kitchen. It is available in three signature hues; red, black, or white. Inside the refrigerator are an interior light and metal racking that can hold your favorite beverages. Adjustable shelving makes it easy to organize your food and drinks. The bottom includes bulk storage to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Behind the door is plenty of storage for your favorite condiments, butter, and more. A freezer is included, the ideal size for ice cream and a stack of ice trays.

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How Long Should a Microwave Last?

microwave oven installed into cabinet

Microwaves are a popular kitchen appliance that many people use to cook an entire meal or snack quickly.

The lifespan of your microwave largely depends on ongoing maintenance and frequency of use. Unfortunately, most microwaves do not have as long of a lifespan as most larger kitchen appliances. The good news is that by following a few helpful tips, you can maximize the life of your microwave so that it outperforms that average lifespan of five to ten years.

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What is the Best Month to Buy a Refrigerator?

Side by side wine fridge installation

If you have shopped for large appliances in the past, you know that there are specific times of the year when you can get a decent deal on a new refrigerator.

A fair deal is not limited to one specific month as manufacturers and stores cycle through their products differently. Since buying a new appliance is often based on need, you can still get a great price by shopping sales or making an informed purchase.

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What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Refrigerators?

stainless wine and beverage fridge

A standard refrigerator should not be installed outside.

Standard refrigerators are designed for use inside an insulated space with little to no temperature swings. Outdoor refrigerators, unlike indoor refrigerators, have key features that make them safe for outdoor use. To make sure your refrigerator is safe for use outside, keep an eye out for these necessary design elements.

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