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Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and we are ready to help you celebrate the mothers in your life

Today we are sharing popular gifts that are sure to please. If your mom loves to entertain and enjoys a delicious glass of wine, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

cheese tray in kitchen

The Epicureanist Cheese Tray Serving Set

Crafted from bamboo, this attractive set has everything mom needs to set out a delicious selection of cheese and small bites. Included is a glass surface for cutting and serving, cheese knives with a magnetic strip, and a ceramic bowl that is perfect for olives, crackers, hummus, and more.

Epicureanist Cheese Tray Serving Set, $49.95


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Wine storage is a layered topic to discuss because there are so many options available.

Custom Cellar in Las Vegas
Vinotemp Custom Wine Storage at Andiron Steak and Sea in Las Vegas, NV


Wine storage is a layered topic to discuss because there are so many options available. When selecting the best wine storage there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

• What is your vision for your wine cellar?

• Will you be storing your wine long term or short term?

• How many bottles are in your wine collection?

• How much space do you have available for storage?
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Many people dream of owning a wine cellar, but few have the extra space to create an elaborate design.

Many people dream of owning a wine cellar, but few have the extra space to create an elaborate design. Thankfully, Vinotemp has many wine storage solutions that will fit just about any space. Whether you want a custom cellar design under your stairs, a stylish cabinet in your dining room, a stunning wall-mounted wine display, or a wine refrigerator in your kitchen, Vinotemp has a storage option to fit your needs.

Wine Refrigerators

If you are short on space, then a wine chiller is an excellent option. Many wine coolers are designed to be compact; perfect for a tiny house, apartment, or condominium. Wine refrigerators are fantastic because despite their size, they still create the perfect environment in which to store your wine in the optimal position and temperature. Vinotemp’s 7-Bottle Wine Cooler has many of the same features as larger wine coolers including sturdy wire shelves, dual-paned glass door, and digital temperature control. A wine chiller adds an extra touch of luxury to any room.

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Wine bottles come in a myriad of sizes and shapes which can affect your wine cellar and storage needs.

wine bottle id chart
Bottle size chart by Vinotemp


Larger format wine bottles are increasing in popularity as wineries produce these sporadically to mark special occasions such as anniversaries or unique vintages. There are several benefits to the large format bottles; they age better which results in a higher quality wine and can be stored for a longer period due to the low oxygen to wine ratio inside the bottle. Conversely, smaller formats like half or quarter bottles age more quickly and should therefore be consumed almost immediately.

With the variety of shapes and sizes of wine bottles available, it is important to consider what type of wine you purchase most often when deciding on racking styles and options. That Nebuchadnezzar bottle of Champagne will add a dramatic element to your cellar, but it can be a difficult task determining the optimal place to store it.

Vinotemp offers many solutions for an array of bottles sizes and shapes while working to fit your budget. Below we have outlined the different products we have available with notes on how to use them for different bottle shapes and sizes.


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One of the biggest misconceptions about wine storage is that you must devote an entire room to your collection.

wine cellar in a closet

The good news is that when it comes to wine cellar design, even a simple closet can be transformed into a breathtaking, custom wine cellar. From the wine racking system to the cooling unit and cellar accessories, having the right combination of components is the key for creating a functional wine cellar and maximizing the space available.

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The Origins of Aging Wine

4/23/2019 3:38 PM

How Wine Aging Started

old wine cellar
Are you a fan of wine? Are you unsure of whether or not to invest in a wine cellar? Below we explore the history of aging wine, the vessels used, the chemistry behind aging and why cellaring is important.

The basics of wine storage, whether modern or ancient are as follows: 

1. Oxidization must be prevented.
2. Wine must be stored in a container that cannot easily break and that ideally does not interact with the wine.
3. Darker conditions are best.
4. Wine prefers a stable temperature and should not be exposed to excessive heat.

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Building a Wine Cellar

Whether planning a wine cellar for your home or business, there are important factors to take into consideration. Below we highlight the top ten things to consider when constructing your dream wine cellar.

Acrylic Wine Cellar

1. Primary function of your wine cellar: Will your cellar be used primarily for storage or for entertaining? Determining the primary use of your cellar will help you select the design elements that best suit your needs.
2. Cellar location: From basements to pantries to spare closets, wine cellars can be built in almost any space; however, keep in mind that the location you choose will have an impact on the cost of building and maintaining your cellar in the future.

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Now that the weather is warming up...

It's time to start planning your next outdoor party. We’ve rounded up some ideas to enhance your entertaining space.

spring flowers in vases

Time to Set the Table

First, create a festive scene. Entertaining accessories such as colorful linens, freshly cut flowers and greenery, plus lighting serve as the perfect setting for a delicious meal, good wine, and scrumptious treats. If you are using a tablecloth, make sure you keep it anchored with tablecloth weights to keep the fabric secured even in breezy weather. When selecting your tableware and glassware, try break resistant options that you can reuse throughout the years. Select sturdy plates that will not shatter if they are accidentally dropped. For outdoor wine glasses, select a shatter proof option such as Epicureanist’s Party Wine Glasses. Made of break resistant plastic, these reusable glasses can stand up to guests who have had more than a few glasses of wine.
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earthquake wine barrels

On the morning of August 24th, 2014, the most powerful earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in over two decades struck less than 10 miles south of the city of Napa.

Fortunately, no lives were lost in this devastating earthquake, but the damage to homes, historical buildings, infrastructure, and the area’s world-famous wineries took years to repair. The 2014 harvest had just begun, but with the 2013 vintage still in barrels and many wineries still waiting to release wines from the highly anticipated 2012 vintage, the damage to the wine industry in the Napa and Sonoma valleys could have been crippling. While many wineries did experience quite a bit of loss, it could have been much worse. Even the hardest hit wineries were up and running just a few days later and moving forward with the 2014 harvest.

This earthquake serves as a reminder to those living in earthquake prone areas to earthquake proof every area of their homes including the wine cellar. There are a few steps that can be taken to protect your prized collection in the event that "the big one" hits in your area.
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Creating a tasting space in your home can be a daunting task as an area for tasting cannot be distinctly defined or designed.

There are no rules as to what constitutes a room for tasting over another entertaining space, so it is important to think outside of the box and create a room that will suit its intended purpose. Whether you need a multi-functional space or one specifically for wine tasting, Vinotemp has many options to help you design a stunning space.
The key element of any tasting space is a tabletop surface on which to serve. This space will be used to pour wine and gather with friends. Some of our standalone wine storage options are topped with a functional serving table. Another option to consider is a wine credenza. A credenza can store wine and is low enough to serve as a bar or table. If you are looking specifically for a table, Vinotemp can custom build a table and incorporate wine barrel staves (pictured below).
wine furniture
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