What's the Best Type of Oven for Home Use?

stainless oven with roasted turkey

Both home and professional chefs use ovens to make delicious cookies, roasts, cakes, and more.

The oven is arguably the most important appliance inside a home. Picking the right oven will ensure it lasts a long time and meets the needs of your household. Here are some things to consider when searching for the perfect oven.


As with any appliance purchase, you will want to plan how much you would like to spend on your oven. The price of an oven will depend on how many features it includes. A range will include both a stove and an oven. A wall oven is only the oven, so you need to leave room in your budget for the cooktop.

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What’s the Best Temperature for a Wine Refrigerator?

wine cooler installed into cabinet with matching wood trim

Vinotemp 18-Inch Panel-Ready Wine Cooler

Wine refrigerators make storing wine easy.

A wine refrigerator is an appliance designed to replicate the temperature inside a wine cellar, which means you can give your collection a good home without having to worry about construction, selecting wine racks, cooling systems, or space. Read on to discover the best temperature for a wine cooler and more information on the proper storage conditions of wine.

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What’s the Best Temperature for a Beverage Refrigerator?

small black fridge next to gray couch

Beer and Beverage Cooler

Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of selecting a drink from a refrigerator only to discover it is not cold enough?

A beverage refrigerator is a good solution if you want your drinks to be stored at their optimal temperature. With easy-to-operate digital temperature control panels, beverage coolers can be set within a temperature range of 39-64°F. What is the best temperature for a beverage refrigerator? It largely depends on the kinds of drinks you are storing.

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What Should You Look for in a Beverage Refrigerator?

black wine and beverage fridge in kitchen

EL-BWC101-01 Wine and Beverage Cooler

Adding a beverage refrigerator to your kitchen, home bar, or man cave is the perfect way to add both convenience and luxury to your home.

A beverage refrigerator is an appliance designed to store everything from canned drinks to bottled water. Before you buy a beverage refrigerator, you will need to determine some important factors to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for a new beverage cooler.

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How Cold Can a Beverage Refrigerators Get?

stainless trim beverage coolers installed next to each other into purple cabinets

Connoisseur Series 40 Single Zone Beverage Cooler

A beverage cooler is an appliance designed to store various drinks, including bottled water, sports drinks, sodas, beer, and more

Beverage coolers are perfect storage solutions for everything from water to beer, like Vinotemp's EL-BF23F Beer and Beverage Cooler. Are they cold enough? Most beverage fridges include digital temperature control that can be set between 39 to 65 ℉. Some beverage refrigerators are designed to cool even lower. In the case of an outdoor refrigerator where there is a solid door, temperatures can reach even lower.

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What Type of Wood is Often Used in Wine Racks?

Wood wine rack next to table

For hundreds of years, wood has been used to make wine racks and wine barrels.

Wood has been favored in winemaking because it can withstand a wine cellar’s cool and humid conditions. Wine racks are most commonly made from redwood, mahogany, or pine. All three of these wood types are suitable for long-term wine storage and come with unique properties.

About Pine

Pine is categorized as soft wood. While pine is suitable for wine racking, it is not as warp-resistant as mahogany or redwood. Pine is popular because it is economical, but it may have a slight odor.

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