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Cellar or Wine Room Design Trends for Your Home

custom cellar black background
Custom Wine Wall Cellar

An in-house wine cellar used to be basic wine racking installed in a basement.

An in-house wine cellar used to be basic wine racking installed in a basement. Over the past few decades, wine cellars have evolved into a luxurious addition that will add value to your home while making a distinct statement about one’s personal style. When it comes to design, anything goes. Some may prefer a traditional style wine cellar, while others want a more modern look. Today we are rounding up some of our favorite design trends to provide you with some inspiration.

Luxe Modern

Modern wine cellars break from traditional wood wine racking to incorporate acrylic cubicles, glass, suspended cable racking, and metal pegs. Bottles appear to be floating, giving the cellar some airy appeal. The overall look is luxurious, like each wine is a jewel on display.


commercial wine cellar
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp


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Wine Cellar Flooring Guide

wine room
Reclaimed Wine Barrel Floor in a Vinotemp Cellar

The floor of your cellar is just as important as the storage options in your wine room.

Not only does the floor add overall style, it provides insulation. Today we are discussing cellar flooring options as well as a brief introduction to the basics of cellar flooring. Combined with the help of a Vinotemp expert, you will be able to make an informed decision when selecting materials for your wine cellar floor.

Flooring Basics

Keep these important elements in mind when shopping for flooring:

1. Weight: Since 500 wine bottles can weigh up to 1 ton, it is critical that you select a material that will not buckle under substantial weight. If you are building your cellar over another floor, weight becomes an even greater factor; you do not want your flooring to crack and cause structural issues.

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Wine Cellar Spring Cleaning

Wine Cellar with all wood racking
Vinotemp Custom Wine Cellar

Now is the perfect time to make it a new goal to dive deep into your wine cellar and make it more efficient than ever.

We have created a checklist for you to not only clean up, maintain, and update your cellar, but to also learn more about wine and share that knowledge with others. The goal is not to overwhelm yourself, but instead set your wine cellar up for success so that you may enjoy every drop of wine to its fullest.


glass wine cellar

Clean Your Cellar

1. It is important to maintain order in your cellar by making sure bottles stay organized.
2. Know what bottles you have. This will make it easier to plan what you want to drink and what you need or don’t need to buy.
3. Physically investigate your collection. It is important to check your stored bottles for leaks or damages to the corks to ensure they are aging properly and that the quality of the wine is not compromised.
4. Dispose of expired or damaged wine. Most wines have a window of time in which they should be consumed. Whether you drink it, share it, or gift it, make sure that someone is enjoying the wine at its peak, or at least before its aromas and bouquets start to decline.


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How to Start a Custom Wine Cellar Project

custom wine racking on wall
Custom cellar with peg racks

Have you outgrown your current wine storage solution?

Is it on your bucket list to have your very own wine cellar? Perhaps you’ve graduated into purchasing more complex wines that would benefit from aging. If you’re ready to make the leap into cellaring, beginning a custom wine storage project can be a daunting task with much to consider. To make things simple, we have compiled a list of the basics to keep in mind before you commit and invest in your own project.


custom cooler
Industrial Veneer Wine Cooler


Before you pick up the phone or send an email to one of our helpful Vinotemp consultants, consider your budget. What can you afford? Do you need to get a loan from a financial institution or family member? How much are you willing to invest? While it is good to remain flexible, it is also wise to set a limit on your spending. Expenses to keep in mind include racks, proper lighting, insulation, a cooling system, decoration, and of course, wine! No matter the size of your budget, Vinotemp has plenty of options to meet your wine storage needs.


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Wine Cellar Specifications

custom wine cellar
Custom Wine Room

Today we outline some cellar construction basics to consider prior to beginning your cellar project.

Please remember that each wine cellar is unique and some of these elements may or may not apply.

wood cellar
Custom wine cellar CAD drawing by Vinotemp

Room Construction

Locate your wine cellar in a room with no direct exposure to sunlight/heat, at least one external wall, and ventilation.

Wine cellars should be built using standard 2x4 or 2x6 construction methods and ceiling joists following the guidelines of local and state codes. As a general rule, thicker cellar walls provide a higher insulation factor and will help to ensure that your collection stays at a consistent temperature.


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Maximize Your Space with Stylish and Functional Wine Cellar Racking

custom wine cellar 1
Custom Wall Divider Wine Cellar with Metal Racks

Make the most out of your wine cellar and create your wine racking system for maximum storage, functionality, and visual appeal.

Whether you have a large basement cellar or a small space within your home transformed for your wine collection, no cellar is complete or functional without wine racks. From all-wood wine racking built for bulk storage to wall-mounted racks that display your finest labels, the right racking design can help you maximize your storage space and cellar functionality while adding to the ambiance and visual appeal of your space.


suspended racking
Custom Cable Wine Racking by Vinotemp


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