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End of the Year Holiday Sale

11/19/2020 11:17 AM

If your resolution for 2021 is to expand your wine collection and store it properly, a good wine fridge can help you meet your goal.

Whether you are starting with a dozen bottles or several hundred, Vinotemp has the perfect wine unit to store your bottles in the best environment. Sturdy wine racking, insulated doors, LED interior lighting, and stylish trim are just a few of Vinotemp’s best-selling wine coolers' standard features. Vinotemp’s wine coolers also make the perfect gift for wine lovers. In the list below, we showcase some popular wine cellar options for wine and beverage refrigerators. All of these appliances are on sale for a limited time + FREE SHIPPING.

Small Capacity Wine Fridges

A small-capacity wine refrigerator is perfect for both new and seasoned wine collectors. Add the wine fridge to your kitchen, where you can keep a few bottles on hand for entertaining. You can also install a wine cooler in your cellar to bring bottles to serving temperature.

small black wine cooler

12-15 Bottles Touch Screen Single-Zone Wine Cooler

This all-black compact wine cooler with dual-pane tinted doors has sturdy wire racking that displays each bottle with the label facing forward. A digital temperature control panel makes it easy to monitor the cooler's temperature without having to open the door.

Regular price: $329.00 + $85.00 S/H
Sale price*: $263.00 + FREE SHIPPING

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Cozy Winter Drink Recipes

11/5/2020 11:15 AM

The cold weather is upon us, which means it is the perfect time to enjoy some cocktails to keep you warm.

We have rounded up some of our favorite recipes to keep you cozy during the winter months. Check out our list below. Cheers!

wine and oranges in pot
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Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a classic drink which you can personalize to your liking. Citrus, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, and wine are simmered on low for a drink that smells as heavenly as it tastes.

Check Out the Recipe Here

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As we enter the holiday season and start shopping for our loved ones, why not give the wine lovers in your life something more creative than a bottle of wine

For the wine lover who has everything, gift them something that will complement their existing collection or a useful gift to help them entertain. We are making shopping easy this year by rounding up some of our favorite gifts for wine lovers.

tumblers with wine

Epicureanist Double Wall Tumblers

Each glass will keep cold drinks cool and hot beverages warm. The double-wall design prevents the tumbler from leaving condensation rings on tables. This tumbler set can be used for wine, hot cocoa, frozen desserts, and more. Set of 2.


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Fall is an exciting season filled with the opportunity to make memories. As the weather outside begins to cool and the leaves change their color, we prepare for Halloween, and soon enough, Thanksgiving.

As the weather outside begins to cool and the leaves change their color, we prepare for Halloween, and soon enough, Thanksgiving. Our diets transition from grilled meats, salads, and melon to warm soup, pies, roasts, and apple cider. Fall is also the season for harvest when many winemakers begin the fermentation process. It is also a great time to transition to autumn-friendly wines, saving the summer rose’ for next year. What will you be drinking this fall? Here are a few suggestions.

vineyard at sunset
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Syrah: warm and spicy aromas with a little acidity pair perfectly with a fall menu. Syrah tastes delicious alongside roasted squash and mushrooms.

Pinot Noir: notes of bright cherries and red berries with a hint of sweetness. A good pinot noir would taste delicious with baked chicken or a big bowl of pasta.

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Buying wine racks for your home or business can be overwhelming. With so many choices, it's hard to decide which rack will work best for your collection.

The best wine rack depends on several factors, including your budget and how much space you can dedicate to your wine.

Essential Features of a Good Wine Rack

When shopping for a reliable wine rack, there are several features you should watch out for.

1. Is it sturdy? A good wine rack can handle the weight of your wine when it is fully loaded with bottles. Common materials for wine racks include wood, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, metal, and stone.
2. Weatherproof. While this particular feature may not be as important if you are using the wine rack inside your kitchen pantry, it is important if you are placing the rack inside a climate-controlled wine cellar. If you are adding racks to a wine cellar, select wine racks made from a material that can withstand colder temperatures and higher humidity.
3. Bottle position. Bottles should lay on their side so that the cork remains wet. Some wine racks will also hold the bottle with the neck facing the ground. This helps to sustain the seal of the bottle and prevent oxidization.
4. Pay attention to cubicle size. Most wine racks will fit a standard Bordeaux style bottle. If your collection includes unusual sizes such as magnums or splits, you will need to look for a specialized wine rack.
5. Assembly instructions. Select wine racks may require assembly. If you are not handy, plan to hire someone to assist you.
6. Installation considerations. If you rent, you may not want to mount wine racks to a wall and will need a freestanding option. If your space is smaller, you may seek a storage solution that maximizes vertical space.
7. Style. Lastly, consider the style of the space where you will be placing your wine rack. Do you want your wine rack to match the décor?

Now that you know what to look for let's explore some options available in the Vinotemp catalog.

Our Current Wine Rack Picks

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-mounted wine racks have become increasingly popular because they are attractive and also save valuable floor space. Available in a single bottle and multiple bottle styles, wall-mounted wine racks are a great storage option for both seasoned and novice wine collectors. The significant advantage of this style of wine rack is that they are modular, which means you could potentially fill an entire wall with your wine collection and add more racks in the future as needed. Vinotemp's wall-mounted racks cradle each bottle in the horizontal position, which keeps the cork from drying out. Popular styles include the Acrylic Peg Wine Racks, Secure Hold Wine Pegs, and Epic Metal Wine Racks.

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While the kids enjoy their Halloween candy, why not whip up a ghoulish treat and mix some festive cocktails for fright night.

From bloody Trinidad sours to pumpkin spice spritzers, pair these cocktails with a bucket of popcorn and a spooky film to end the evening. Today we are rounding up some yummy Halloween cocktails to sip and savor on Halloween. Here's the treat – they all involve wine. Cheers!

scary pumpkin display
Image source:

Blood Red Halloween Sangria by The Spruce Eats

Red wine, oranges, lemon, and ginger ale mix for a fun drink. You can even decorate the pitcher or glass with some fun gummy worms or a candy eyeball. Check out the recipe here.

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How to Entertain in 2020

8/31/2020 10:42 AM

The safest way to serve your guests while following socially distanced guidelines is to offer individual servings of food and drinks and move the celebration outside.

Taking the proper steps will ensure your guests are comfortable while still providing a delicious feast. Luckily, Vinotemp’s online catalog is full of accessories to help you keep everyone safe while also creating an appealing spread.

cheese plate on table

Add a mini-cheese board to each table and load it with a selection of delicious cheese, crackers, fruit, and meat. Wine Bottle Cheese Board and Knife, $19.95

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Summer is quickly wrapping up, and before we know it, it will be time to plan Halloween festivities.

Take advantage of the last few moments of warm weather and outdoor picnics by adding a few glasses of wine to elevate your mood. Below we round up our top five wines to toast to the end of summer.

back of woman drinking wine in backyard
Image source:

Pool Boy Rose’ – A good rose’ has become synonymous with summer drinks. Pool Boy Rose’ is no exception. Open this bottle when you are in the mood for berries with a hint of citrus. Part of the charm of Pool Boy Rose’ is its plastic bottle and twisty top. The packaging makes it easy to transport, and you don’t have to worry about shattering glass when you’ve had a few too many drinks.

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How Best to Age Your Wine

8/31/2020 9:45 AM

Most of the wine sold in stores today is not meant to be aged and must be consumed within a year or two after purchase.

Even so, it is important to keep those bottles appropriately stored to ensure that when the wine is finally uncorked, it tastes its best. Now, for the 1% of wine that is meant to be cellared long term, proper storage conditions are even more critical. Wines designed to be cellared for 10, 15, or 20 years are considered an investment and should be treated with care. Here is an essential guide with tips and tricks for aging wine.

understairs cellar with wood floors
Custom Understair Glass Wine Cellar with Modular and Peg Racking by Vinotemp

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Should I Refrigerate Wine?

7/23/2020 11:18 AM

Wine ages best when it has been stored in a cool and humid environment where it can be sheltered from sunlight and vibration.

The best environment for wine is a wine cave or wine cellar. Since most wine lovers do not have the budget or enough wine to fill a wine cellar, what are the alternatives for storing wine? Can you simply place your wine inside a refrigerator?

Storing Wine in the Fridge

The kitchen refrigerator is far too cold and dry for long term wine storage. The ideal temperature for wine is 55◦F with a relative humidity of 70%. A standard refrigerator where you store your milk and eggs is normally set for 38-40◦F with no humidity. When wine is in an environment that is too cold it can begin to crystalize. When it is too dry, the corks begin to dry out and contract, allowing for oxidization.

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