Educating yourself on the variety of wine bottle sizes and shapes may feel overwhelming --- there’s so many. In the 1700s, wine makers began to deviate from what was the standard of the time once they discovered that different bottles affected how well the cork could seal as well as the taste of the wine itself. The size of the bottle not only influences taste, it can dictate your storage options as well.

Larger bottles are perfect for Bordeaux as well as other wines for a few reasons. The larger format provides ample space for the wine to age slowly, gracefully, and develop more complexity and nuances. This is due to the smaller amount of air within the bottle. Large bottes are also made of thicker glass which protects the wine from temperature fluctuations. 

Smaller bottles have benefits, too. Restaurants and airplanes create high demand for small bottles because they are easy to store and serve. For example, the tiny Split bottle is the perfect vessel for a single serving of Champagne.


bottle chart

Here we provide a quick reference guide of the some of the industry standard bottle types starting with the largest of the large; the mighty Midas and ending with the tiny Split or Piccolo.

Wine Bottle Size Chart

Bottle Type/Name

Origin of the Name

Volume/Number of Bottles/Number of Glasses

Midas or Melchizedek

Named after two kings

30L/40 standard bottles/200 glasses

Goliath or Primat

Biblical name of the giant who was defeated by David

27L/36 standard bottles/180 glasses


Named after the Sovereign of the Seas cruise ship

26L/35 standard bottles/175 glasses


The son of King David

20L/26 standard bottles/130 glasses


The oldest of the biblical magi

18L/24 standard bottles/120 glasses


The longest-ruling king of Babylon

15L/20 standard bottles/100 glasses


One of the Three Wise Men

12L/16 standard bottles/80 glasses


Named for an Assyrian king

9L/12 standard bottles/60 glasses

Methuselah or Imperial (Bordeaux)

Name references the Imperial gallon or the oldest man in the Bible

6L/8 standard bottles/40 glasses

Rehoboam (Jeroboam in Bordeaux)

Named for the son of Solomon

4.5L/6 standard bottles/30 glasses 

Jeroboam or Double Magnum

The first biblical king of the northern kingdom of Israel

3L/4 standard bottles/20 glasses



1.5L/2standard bottles/10 glasses



1L/1 standard bottle/7 glasses



750ml/1 standard bottle/5 glasses

Half-liter or Jennie


500ml/ 2/3 bottle/3 glasses

Half or Demi


375ml/ 1/2 bottle/2.5 glasses

Split or Piccolo


187.5ml/ 1/4 bottle/1 glass


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