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Under Stairs Wine Cellar

Modular under stairs wine cabinet

Under Stairs Wine Cellar Installation Guide







The following section shows a step-by-step process of how to install a Wine Cellar underneath the stairways. It all depends on the way you would like to have your Wine Cellar or Room installed.

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Find the Perfect Glassware

glasses 1
Vinotemp Illuminati Wine Glasses (for white wine)

What does your wine want? What does your wine need? What is best for your wine? The right wine glass can answer all of these questions. Because picking the right wine is such a daunting task, there’s a naïve hope that choosing which wine glass to pour it into would be a much easier responsibility. However, the reality is that figuring out which is the right wine glass is often just as difficult, if not more.

Although simply ignoring the rules of wine etiquette and drinking from whatever pleases you is always an option, there comes a point in time when an avid, or not so avid, wine drinker might decide that just any old glass is no longer satisfactory. 

With so many wine glasses out there in the world, there comes a desire to find glasses that are unique, ones that can start up a dinner conversation and leave a lasting impression. The difficulty here is in finding glasses with the ability to do so. It becomes a choice between the most convenient set of wine glasses or the perfect set of wine glasses.


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The Vinotemp Story

Francis Ravel

Vinotemp founder, Francis Ravel

Located in Southern California, Vinotemp is a 30 year old, family owned business, with administration offices, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Founder, Francis Ravel, was born 1917, Casablanca, French Morocco. In his early 20’s, Francis moved to Paris where he joined and fought with the French Foreign Legion. The young freedom fighter was captured by German occupation troops, where he escaped and joined and fought with the US Army to push German troops out of France and assist with the Allied invasion and conquest of Nazi Germany.

After the war, Francis came to the United States and eventually landed in Hollywood, California in the early 1950’s. He became an actor and was cast with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Elvis Presley in a verity of hit musicals. After a lengthy film career Francis turned his talents to the early days of Television and played a recurring role on the I Love Lucy show.

After a lengthy and successful film and TV career, Francis, at 68, found his true passion of making and bottling his own wine. This simple turn of fate lead to the need to store his collection. A man ahead of his time, he was the first to introduce the idea of placing a cooling unit into a sealed wine cabinet, soon he was making his wine cabinets for friends and family and “voila!” Vinotemp was born.

custom cellar

Custom Wine Cellar

From these humble beginnings, Vinotemp has grown to be recognized worldwide as design and innovators of bespoke wine solutions, including cooling systems, wine-cellars and wine-furniture. Today, Francis Ravel’s daughter, India Hynes, who grow-up playing and working on the floors of the Vinotemp factory, is now President of Vinotemp International.

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Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

When considering the purchase of a wine refrigerator, here are some easy to understand descriptions of the differences.

First, there is long-term storage (1+ years), then short-term storage (1-6 months) and service (drinking now).

Drinking wine is a daily or weekly event; that is why it’s moved to the kitchen instead of the cave or cellar. Location for the refrigerator can be the kitchen, family or dining room, the garage or cellar, or even outside.

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Where Innovation Meets Reality

When it comes to building your dream cellar, Vinotemp International has you covered.

Having been a leader in the wine storage industry for over 25 years, Vinotemp has seen it all. With a diverse catalog including everything from custom wine cellars to premium wine coolers, Vinotemp’s true mission is to turn your imagination into reality.

Having partnered with other leading innovators in the industry, Vinotemp’s WineMate cooling systems are built to last. The three different options for installation allow you a greater range of versatility than other leading brands. Ranging from 1500BTU to 8500BTU, WineMate’s various self-contained systems have the controls built into the unit, condensing the space needed for installation. If you prefer to monitor and control the temperature of your wine collection from outside your cellar, WineMate also offers various ducted systems that allow you to place the controls outside your unit while air ducts direct cool air right where it needs to be. Don’t like the look of your condenser? Not a problem! WineMate offers a split system that allows you to place the condenser up to 50 feet away. Each unit undergoes a series of rigorous tests to ensure only the best quality.





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