HUMIDITY:  A humidity level between 50 to 75% is essential for the cork to seal and to effectively keep the destructive effects of oxygen out of the bottle.

LIGHT:  The wine bottle offers no protection against direct sunlight and denigrating and destructive nature of ultra-violet light on wine.  Wine should always be stored in a dark or low-light, ultra-violet free environment.

VIBRATION:  Continues vibration or movement of wine will disrupt the delicate biochemical process in the wine’s natural ageing development.  Vibration is the leading reason many fine wines fail to reach their optimal potential.

VENTILATION:  Ventilation and the continuous circulation of air are paramount in avoiding the development of unpleasant odors as well as mold and mildew.

A good wine experience depends, not only on the wine, but it is also dependent on the way the wine has been kept and stored.  Wine is a very delicate and complex product that demands gentle and precise treatment.  It must be stored correctly, served at the right temperature and poured into the proper glass.  Only when all of these things are combined do we achieve the perfect wine experience.

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Kevin Henry is an internationally recognized industry mentor, designing, writing and speaking on a variety of topics, including kitchen design, the art and science of wine storage and environmental issues.