Holiday Gift Guide 2018
Looking for the perfect gift for a host/hostess or wine lover? Below we’ve curated a handy gift guide to help you cross some people off your list. You may be tempted to buy some of these for yourself.

1. Epicureanist Wine Chilling Decanter with Ice Cup ($89)A classic one-liter crystal decanter has a unique indentation at its bottom that fits an ice cup. The ice keeps the wine at the perfect serving temperature without diluting or altering the taste of the wine.

2.Epicureanist Cheese Tray Serving Set ($49.95):This 3-in-1 bamboo tray has a place for cheese, comes with three cheese knives and one fork, plus has a serving bowl for crackers, olives, grapes, or sauces.

3. Epicureanist Rustic Cheesefork Markers ($39.95):Perfect for anyone who loves a rustic but modern style, these cheesefork markers come in cow, sheep, brie, chevre, and fromage.


4. Epicureanist Wine Chilling Stick with Pourer ($18.95):Prep the wine chilling stick by placing it inside your freezer for one hour. Once you’re ready to serve, place it inside of the wine bottle and pour. The chilling stick will cool your wine as its poured. Unlike ice, your wine will be chilled without being diluted.


5. Epicureanist 4 Piece Wine Essentials Gift Set ($34.95):Everything a wine lover could possibly need to uncork and serve a bottle of wine is included inside an elegant cherry wood box.


6. Epicureanist Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Set of 6 ($34.95):Made from food-safe stainless steel, these ice cubes cool your beverage without diluting or altering the taste of your beverage. Perfect for whisky or wine.


7. Epicureanist’s Trilux Wine Aerator ($39.95):Utilizing patented technology exclusive to Epicureanist, the Trilux aerator allows your wine to “breathe”, enhancing its taste. Simply select the aerator setting and pour your wine into the large aerator bowl. The Trilux can be used with both a wine glass or wine decanter.


8. Epicureanist Slate Cheese Markers with Tray ($34.95):Everything you need to serve cheese, charcuterie, or even dessert! Chalk is included so you can label each treat.



9. Epicureanist’s Fleur des Lis Cork Jail ($29.95):Collect unwanted corks inside this elegant cork jail. The bottom of the jail opens, making it easy to empty it as needed.


10. Epicureanist Chilling Glass Tumblers ($39.95):These glasses are great for beer, iced coffee, cocktails, smoothies, and more!Pop the glasses into your freezer for a few hours and the gel inside will cool. A silicone sleeve is included to ensure your fingers stay warm.



11. Epicureanist Stemless Chalkboard Wine Glasses ($29.95):Four stemless wine glasses feature a chalkboard “splat” where you can add the names of your guest, funny slogans, holiday cheer, and more. Chalk is included.



12. Octopus Wine Bottle Holder ($39.95):Eight long arms embrace your favorite bottle of wine. This elegant piece is sure to be a conversation starter.

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