What Type of Wood is Often Used in Wine Racks?

Wood wine rack next to table

For hundreds of years, wood has been used to make wine racks and wine barrels.

Wood has been favored in winemaking because it can withstand a wine cellar’s cool and humid conditions. Wine racks are most commonly made from redwood, mahogany, or pine. All three of these wood types are suitable for long-term wine storage and come with unique properties.

About Pine

Pine is categorized as soft wood. While pine is suitable for wine racking, it is not as warp-resistant as mahogany or redwood. Pine is popular because it is economical, but it may have a slight odor.

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What Temperature is Too Cold for Red Wine

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Wine storage temperature is an important element of cellaring for multiple reasons.

If the wine is stored at too warm of a temperature, it will age more rapidly. Too cold of a temperature, and the wine will freeze. Here are some tips to ensure your wine is stored at the ideal temperature, so it tastes as the winemaker intended.

The Ideal Storage Conditions

Aging wine requires specific conditions. First, the room’s humidity must be between 50-70%, allowing the corks of the bottles to remain moist and sealed. Next, the space should be dark as harsh light, and UV rays can damage the wine. Vibrations should be avoided to prevent the sediment inside the bottle from mixing with the liquid. Lastly, the temperature inside the cellar should be a consistent 55℉ (between 40 to 65℉) for both red and white wines. Temperature fluctuations should be avoided. Wine will freeze between 15 to 20℉, slowing down the chemical reactions needed to age wine. Wine will become damaged at approximately 70℉ and cook at 80℉ or higher.

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What’s the Difference Between a Wine Rack and a Wine Cabinet?

glass cellar with peg racking

Wine racks and wine cabinets are some of the most popular wine storage solutions.

If you are shopping for something to store your best bottles, you may be wondering if there is a difference between a wine rack and a wine cabinet? Which is better for wine storage? Today we are discussing the differences between wine racks and wine cabinets.

What is a wine rack?

A wine rack is a special shelf with built-in compartments that hold each wine bottle in place. Wine racks may be installed on a wall, the floor, a tabletop, or hung from the ceiling. Wine racks are made from various materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, ceramic, silicone, and many more. Wine racks are available in many styles, from traditional to modern, to rustic, to contemporary. Wine racks are sold in a range of bottle capacities ranging from one bottle to hundreds. Wine racks are modular, which means you can add more wine racks as your collection grows.

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Can a Wine Rack be Decorative and Functional?

Kitchen wall cut out wine cellar

Custom Vinotemp Glass Cellar

While a wine cellar is an ideal place to house your wine collection, not everybody has the budget or space required to build a cellar of their own.

Without a dedicated room, your wine may need to be stored in a common area of the home, such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, or family room. Luckily, modern wine racks are both stylish and functional, making a beautiful display from your collection. Here are some creative ways you can add wine storage to almost any space.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

wood rack with holes
Customizable Riddling Rack by Vinotemp

Wall-mounted wine racks can free up floor space while safely housing your wine. Many different materials are used to make wall-mounted wine racks, including wood, metal, acrylic, and more. Whether you love rustic or modern wine racks, there is a style of wall-mounted racks available for you.

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How Do You Build/Install an In-Ground Wine Cellar?

top view of glass underground cellar

If you are serious about collecting wine and have accumulated a large collection, you may be considering a wine cellar.

A wine cellar is a designated storage space, ideally with climate control and wine racks, where bottles may be stored and organized long-term. Wine cellars are important to wine collecting because how wine is stored greatly affects its taste and overall value. A wine cellar can be a wine room, cabinet, closet, or wine refrigerator. Today we are exploring the topic of underground wine cellars.

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What is the Point of a Wine Cellar?

cellar with metal and wood wine racks

Custom Vinotemp Undertairs Cellar

While wine cellars were previously owned by only the wealthy, they have evolved into a common feature for most homes.

A wine cellar is defined as a designated space reserved for wine storage. A wine cellar may be an insulated room with wine racks, a cooling system, or a wine cooler or wine cabinet. Since wine is a delicate substance, a wine cellar should have the proper storage conditions to ensure that the wine ages gracefully over time. Here is why a wine cellar is necessary and can save wine collectors money in the long term.

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