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Is Vinotemp a Good Brand?

3/26/2020 3:00 PM

For close to four decades Vinotemp has grown a reputation within the wine industry of being one of the top brands for wine storage solutions, cellar cooling systems, and wine accessories.

Vinotemp’s custom projects can be found in popular restaurants, hotels, resorts, bars, and more. While these luxury wine cellars are certainly impressive, Vinotemp does offer wine storage solutions that are widely available at big-box retailers. With price points both high and low, its no wonder Vinotemp has become a household name for both novice and serious wine collectors.
residential glass wine cellar
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp

The Vinotemp Origin Story

Vinotemp is a family-owned and operated business founded by Frances Ravel in 1985. Ravel began first by producing wine. It was during this time that he was introduced to the idea of using a cooling unit inside a sealed cabinet to store wine. At first, he had one factory make wine cabinets while another produced cellar cooling units. Ravel then began to build the wine cabinets himself. During the 1990s, he developed the Wine-Mate cellar cooling unit; the only UL approved wine cooling system of its time. His daughter worked alongside him for 15 years and is now the CEO of Vinotemp.

Vinotemp is a female-owned business and certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise by WBENC. Vinotemp is now home to multiple brands producing everything a wine lover could need for the storage and service of wine; from wine refrigerators to accessories, Vinotemp has a diverse product offering that is sure to please its customers.

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Wine refrigerators have become a popular storage solution because they are cost-efficient, can store a reasonable number of bottles, are widely available, and easy to install.

Wine fridges have many of the same benefits as a traditional wine cellar; they maintain a stable cool temperature, include sturdy wine racking, and many have dual-paned or UV resistant glass doors to protect wine from harmful UV rays. By keeping your wine inside a wine fridge, your wine will age in its ideal environment and develop the taste and aromas intended by the winemaker.

At the heart of the wine cooler is a cooling system that works to maintain the perfect environment for wine. There are two different types; thermoelectric and compressor. Both are efficient at cooling though there are notable differences. To help you make an informed purchase, we will explore thermoelectric wine refrigerators and their pros and cons.

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3/6/2020 1:20 PM

Spring is nearly upon us, which means picnic and tailgate weather is just around the corner.

Are you planning an outdoor celebration with friends and family that includes tasty treats and wine? Here are our top three tips to keep in mind to help you enjoy your wine outdoors.


Know your menu before you head to the store for wine. Will you mainly be serving picnic-style food such as sandwiches, potato salad, fruit, or a sampling of cheese and charcuterie? Try pairing your food with a crisp sparkling white or rose’ that feels as casual and light as the occasion. For heavier foods such as steak, barbecue, and other grilled meats, serve your favorite Syrah, Zinfandel, or Barbera.

Since most outdoor gatherings tend to last for several hours under the warm sun, pace your guests with wines that have a lower alcohol level and provide plenty of other fluids such as water or juice to prevent any medical emergencies.
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Did you know that not all wine is meant to be aged?

Today we are talking about how to determine if your wine is meant for long-term or short-term storage as well as the proper serving temperature. We hope you find this guide helpful and that it will enhance your wine drinking and storage experience.


How Do You Know if Your Wine is Meant for Long-Term or Short-Term Storage?

As a general rule of thumb, most of the wine you have purchased from big box stores are meant for short-term storage and should be consumed within a year of purchase. If you have paid a premium price for the wine or have been instructed by the winemaker to place your wine in a cellar, it is meant for long-term storage. Generally, wines from the “old world”, namely Europe, are meant to be cellared. These wines will require specific conditions to ensure they age properly.

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3/4/2020 2:10 PM

Have you ever noticed while shopping for wine that some bottles have a cork and some have a screw cap?

Cork has been the traditional way to close and seal a wine bottle for hundreds of years and screw caps are a modern alternative since they came into existence in the 1950s. Unlike the cork, however, screw caps have the undesirable reputation of only being used for cheaper, lower quality wines. What is the difference between using a screw cap vs using a cork? Is the cork truly better for wine? Today we take a closer look at this debate.

spilled corks from toppled glass


There is something about the traditional wine cork that seems very distinguished. Removing the cork from the bottle even involves a bit of ceremony; unwrapping the foil seal of the bottle, centering the worm of a corkscrew in the direct middle of the cork, drilling it through the cork, and somehow removing the cork without leaving behind crumbles or accidentally dropping the cork into the wine. It is no wonder that in our minds, the use of a cork often signals higher quality. The cork does not create a perfect seal, which some winemakers see as an advantage. The cork helps to control the amount of oxygen that enters the bottle, developing the flavors of the wine and muting tannins as the wine ages.

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Gifting a bottle of wine to any wine lover is easy, but what if you would like to add a little something extra to show how much you care?

Flowers, balloons, and stuffed teddy bears are thoughtful gifts but may end up in the trash after the holiday is over. Today we are rounding up some of our favorite gift ideas for him or her to make this coming Valentine’s Day one to remember.

wine and roses

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Vinotemp vs. Eurocave

1/24/2020 2:02 PM

When researching wine refrigerators, two brands seem to dominate the market; Vinotemp and Eurocave.

Both brands have over thirty years of wine storage experience and have set the highest standards for wine storage. Today we will explore wine refrigerators made by both Eurocave and Vinotemp to see how the two brands compare.

What is a Eurocave?

Eurocave is a wine storage manufacturer sold exclusively in the United States by Wine Enthusiast. Made in France, Eurocave makes wine cabinets (wine refrigerators), cigar humidors, and cellar conditioners (wine cellar cooling systems).

What is a Vinotemp?

Vinotemp has been a leader in the wine storage industry since 1985. Based locally in the USA, Vinotemp specializes in wine refrigerators, cabinets, cellar cooling systems, wine racks, wine accessories, and more. Vinotemp’s work can be found in popular Las Vegas hotels, sporting venues such as Dodger Stadium, popular hotels like the Ritz Carlton, and in private residences all over the world.

Comparing Large Capacity Wine Refrigerators

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How Do I Set the Temperature on My Vinotemp?

All Vinotemp wine refrigerators offer the convenience of a digital control panel. This convenient feature allows you to monitor the temperature inside the cooler with ease. Today we are talking about how to use the control panel, including how to set the wine cooler temperature, turning the refrigerator on or off, and how to adjust the temperature settings on both single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers. You may need to consult your specific unit’s owner’s manual for more detailed instructions.

installed coolers

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What is the Best Wine Cooler?

1/23/2020 3:39 PM

According to Consumer Reports, the best wine fridge will maintain a cool, even temperature that is ideal for wine storage.

Today we will look at the criteria set forth by Consumer Reports and review how Vinotemp wine refrigerators match these criteria. We hope to help you find the best wine cooler that meets the needs of your collection.

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Many people around the globe are shifting their habits and adopting eco-minded practices.

Many people around the globe are shifting their habits and adopting eco-minded practices. If you are trying to make more conscious choices, you may be wondering what to do about wine. Wine as a consumer good requires many resources to transport and produce. Not to mention, not all winemakers are committed to responsible practices.

One of the benefits of purchasing eco-friendly wine is increased quality. Since there are fewer chemicals or materials added, the wine has a pure and fruity taste. It provides a clearer expression of the eco-system in which it was grown. Another bonus is that eco-friendly wine is available at all price points.

If you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint and buying “green” wine, here is what to look for while shopping.

wine glass in vineyard

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