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Six Up and Coming Wine Regions You May Not Have Heard Of

When thinking of popular American wine destinations, California’s Napa and Sonoma are always front of mind. Today we are listing six up and coming regions you may not have heard of, that are not only a source for delicious wine, but have plenty of adventure to make a memorable wine vacation.

train through vineyard
Napa Valley Wine Train (image source)

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Wine Collecting for Investment: Building a Profitable Collection

Investing in a wine collection can prove to be a fun and lucrative hobby. Similar to collecting other fine goods, it requires research, a bit of expert advice, and patience to turn a profit. Whether you are considering investing in wine as a hobby or to make money, we have some helpful tips to consider.

cellar with acrylic racking
Acrylic Wine Cellar by Vinotemp

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Halloween Desserts and Wine Pairings

October is upon us and with that comes all the Halloween festivities. If you are planning a spooky bash for all your favorite ghouls, we have some fun dessert and wine pairings for you to try. The kids will enjoy the sweets and adults will enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine.

halloween setting
Image source: Hostess with the Mostest

Double Dipped Chocolate Caramel Apples

Guests are sure to be delighted by this childhood favorite with the a little something extra, a layer of chocolate! Use candies or nuts for garnish. You can even wrap each individual apple in a clear bag and hand them out as party favors. Check out the recipe on Kitchenthusiast.

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Understairs Wine Cellar

9/20/2019 2:44 PM

Under Stairs Wine Cellar Installation Guide







The following section shows a step-by-step process of how to install a Wine Cellar underneath the stairways. It all depends on the way you would like to have your Wine Cellar or Room installed.

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Wine Cooler Comparison

9/18/2019 1:17 PM

Vinotemp Vs. Sub-Zero Vs. KitchenAid Vs. Viking

When shopping for a new wine refrigerator, Vinotemp, Sub-Zero, KitchenAid, and Viking stand out for their sleek design and reliable technology. Today we are exploring how each brand compares based on their 46-bottle 24-inch wine cooler. 46-bottle wine fridges is a popular size as it can easily be installed under a kitchen counter.

A wine refrigerator should accomplish the basics; temperature and humidity control, protection from harmful UV rays, and minimal vibration. Let’s begin by reviewing the basic features that each of these models has in common:

• Fits undercounter (front exhaust)
• Compressor cooling system
• Sturdy wire racking with a lip to prevent bottles from falling off the rack and also providing an additional shield against UV rays
• Stores around 46 standard bottles of wine
• Digital temperature control
• 2 independent temperature zones
• Interior lighting
• Glass door
• Sabbath/vacation mode
• Reversible door hinge or available in right or left hinge for side-by-side installation

Now that we have discussed the commonalities, let’s talk about what makes each unit unique and whether or not there is an advantage to each. Please note that we are quoting prices as of 2019. Prices are subject to change.

Designer Series 46-Bottle Seamless Wine Cooler ($1,399)

wine refrigerator 1

Vinotemp launched its Designer Series with the intention of bringing customers an award-winning luxury wine cellar. The standout features of this unit include:

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Comfort Foods

9/18/2019 12:34 PM

Comfort Foods and Wine

Are you searching for the perfect wine to pair with your favorite pizza, barbecue, or chocolate cake? Selecting the right wine may seem like an intimidating task, especially when trying to impress guests. The good news is that choosing the right pairing can be fun.

The secret to finding the right wine is to try to create balance. What this means is, you want to pick a wine that does not overwhelm the dish in richness or weight. For example, you probably would not pair a light white wine with a dark chocolate cake. A better pairing would be a sweet red that feels as indulgent as the cake you are eating.

Check out our pairing suggestions below. These are just some general suggestions. Part of the fun of wine pairing, especially with comfort food, is the opportunity to taste and experiment to find the best combinations.

1. Pizza

If the pizza is topped with a lot of meat, try a Zinfandel, Merlot, or Shiraz. If the pizza is mostly veggies, pair it with a Sauvignon Blanc.

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Cocktail Party

9/18/2019 11:07 AM

How to Host a Memorable Cocktail Party

According to Wikipedia, in May of 1917, a woman named Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. invented the first cocktail hour when she invited 50 guests to her home in St. Louis, MO for a one-hour celebration. The party was so popular that it was written about in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and eventually became a trend, and then a staple. Since then, the cocktail hour has extended beyond people’s homes into hotels, bars, and eateries as a way to invite customers to enjoy specials within a certain timeframe. A common prelude to wedding receptions, cocktail hours are used to occupy and entertain guests as they wait for the happy couple to make their grand entrance. Today we are talking about everything you need to know to host your own cocktail hour. From drinks to etiquette, we have you covered.


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Red Wine Stains

8/20/2019 11:24 AM

Remove Red Wine Stains from the Carpet, Couch, Shirt, and More

Anyone who loves wine knows that the occasional stain is inevitable. Once you and your guests are a few glasses in, someone may spill a few drops or a whole glass on your nice carpet, couch, tablecloth, or shirt. When this happens, there is no need to panic. Today we are rounding up our favorite fixes for those pesky wine stains.



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Gifts for Wine Lovers Who Love to Travel

Part of the pleasure of traveling is tasting the local wine and maybe even bringing some wine home with you. Here are some gift suggestions that any wine lover will put to good use while they are away on their next vacation.


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Home Bar Snacks

8/20/2019 10:51 AM

Delicious Snacks to Pair with a Well-Stocked Home Bar

Whether gathering snacks for your next Netflix binge, super bowl viewing, or tasting party, today we are rounding up our favorite finger foods to serve guests. We are dividing each menu by drink of choice so you can have delicious treats on hand that will have everyone salivating.


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