Review: Thermoelectric Mini Keg Beer Dispenser - Stainless Steel

June 29, 2008

"This beer dispenser works exactly as advertised. I bought one after seeing a similar product during vacation in Japan in May '08. I followed the directions to a "T", and sure enough, it poured a tall glass of fine German beer with a perfect foam head. Contrary to some of the other reviews of this item on the 'Net, this dispenser does not "dispense as a trickle" nor does it produce a glass of foam. It does require that the pressure is set per the owner's manual, and checked/adjusted occasionally. No big deal there. Since my local liquor store carries a large assortment of German beer in 5L mini-kegs, this baby will get lots of use (and the recycle team will get a break after those summer holiday parties). Five stars, all the way.. .I'm very impressed with the item."

Les Bohony