Review: 52 Bottle Front Exhaust Unit (Stainless Steel)

June 10, 2008

"Bought 2 of the 52 bottle stainless steel units at Costco and stacked them. Love them! Now, about 1 month later, they offer on-line a 180 bottle unit and I'm considering the upgrade. Only 5% of our collection remains at room temperature, but we very much enjoy all or our wines chilled to about 60F, so need just a bit more space. The ability to set upper and lower temperature zones in one chiller is a key advantage since our white collection is much much smaller than red and we'd like to get a few degrees cooler for whites. The shorter bottom shelves work great for Gewurtztraminer and Reisling when placed sideways, but even better for splits and dessert wine."

Eric Carlberg

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