Popular Blog PittsburghFrugalMom.com Features Epicureanist's Chicken Roaster

March 10, 2014

The Epicureanist Chicken Roaster was recently reviewed by Dana Vento, the creator of the popular Pittsburgh Frugal Mom blog. This blog focuses on educating consumers and has an audience of approximately 75,000 readers.  In her review, Vento gave a detailed account of her experience with the product and included a video showing just how easy the product is to use. She praised the Epicureanist Chicken Roaster for simplifying the task of cooking a delicious homemade chicken dinner.  The Epicureanist Chicken Roaster allows you to easily cook your chicken to perfection while infusing it with the flavor of your favorite wine or beverage.
Watch Dana’s review of the Epicureanist Chicken Roaster here:

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