Review: 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel

June 23, 2007

"I've been looking for a wine cooler to cool my red wines. My requirements were; ability to store a minimum of 24 bottles, priced between $300 to $600, quiet, temperature readout, slide shelving, dimensions that allowed me to replace my "in-bar" refrigerator with this unit and still have space around it for ventilation. After checking Consumer Reports I found 3 or 4 models that sounded interesting, including a Vinotemp model. I'd given thought to purchasing a unit online but decided to view a few in stores before making a decision. My wife and I visited 3 stores and by chance the 3rd store was Target. Target carried the Vinotemp Model VT-28TEDS, which stores 28 bottles, has slide out shelving , temperature readout and the dimensions were almost perfect. When I got to the register I was informed the unit was "on sale" for $179.99. Needless to say, I purchased the unit and proceeded to install it in my home bar. After a few minor adjustments to the opening it fit very nicely. I've only had it for a few hours but it seems quiet, the price was close to perfect and my wine is now cooling. Target offers a 90, no hassle return so if I'm dissatisfied I have time to return it for a full refund."

Richard Panelli