Small Capacity Wine Fridges

Small Capacity Wine Fridges

A smaller capacity wine refrigerator will hold 25 bottles or less.

We offer a variety of different styles and shapes that use both thermoelectric and compressor technology. Some are even as tiny as 6” in width! These compact wine coolers are perfect for the counter-top, mini-bar, entertainment room, or man cave.


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  1. 7 Bottle Wine Cooler
    Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $879.00
    7 Bottle Wine Cooler - Scractch N Dent
  2. 7-Bottle Mirrored Wine Cooler 1
    Special Price $399.00 Regular Price $769.00
    7-Bottle Mirrored Wine Cooler - Scratch N Dent
  3. Black Full Glass Wine & Beverage Cooler 1
    Special Price $799.00 Regular Price $1,295.00
    Black Full Glass Wine & Beverage Cooler - Scratch N Dent
  4. Touch Screen Wine & Beverage Cooler - 1
    Special Price $799.00 Regular Price $1,999.00
    Touch Screen Wine & Beverage Cooler - Scratch N Dent

26 Items

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Small Capacity Wine Fridges for Wine Lovers

For those with a smaller wine collection or those with a smaller home, apartment, or wine lovers who just want to keep a few bottles ready to serve, a small capacity wine cooler is the perfect storage solution. A small capacity wine refrigerator can be defined as any unit with a capacity ranging from 1-25 bottles, however, some units that store more but are compact in size can still qualify for the small category. Vinotemp’s stylish small capacity wine fridges are available in 2 bottle, 4 bottle, 6 bottle, 8 bottle, 12 bottles, and up. Compact design makes it easy to accommodate a wine refrigerator in nearly any room of the house, adding the convenience of having wine nearby at all times.

Do you Need a Small Wine Cooler?

Vinotemp offers the best mini wine fridges that are not only great for small space dwellers, but also make a smart addition to man-caves, entertainment rooms, home bars, guest houses, and more. Since they are compact in size, they are easy to transport. For those with a larger collection, a small wine fridge may be used to house a few favorite bottles at the perfect serving temperature.

Some of the most popular Vinotemp wine refrigerators are small in size. For example, the 7-Bottle Wine Cooler is a favorite amongst tiny house and RV dwellers as it is less than 6 inches wide. The 2-Bottle Open Wine Cooler is approximately 10 inches deep by 10 inches wide, its shallow design allows it to fit on any countertop. The 24-Inch Outdoor Dual-Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler can house 44 12 oz cans and 22 standard wine bottles. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile unit.

Maximize Storage Space with a Compact Wine Fridge

If you are ready to update a kitchen, then what better way to add value to your space than by adding a wine refrigerator. If you have an empty spot that was once used for a trash compactor, Vinotemp sells many wine coolers that can fill that unused space. Additionally, many of our small wine coolers are designed with a front vent meant for built-in installation. This means you may install them into cabinetry for a seamless and flush appearance.

When it is not possible to add a wine cooler under the counter, Vinotemp also offers units design for freestanding installation. These units exhaust towards the rear. Many are small enough to sit comfortably on a countertop or table. There are endless possibilities for a freestanding wine fridge as all they require for operation is the proper electrical outlet.

Despite being small in size, Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators have the same features as their larger counterparts. Many have two independent temperature zones so that you may store different varietals at once. Additional features include digital temperature control, interior lighting, stainless steel finishes, sturdy wire racking, insulation, modern pole handles, and even door locks. Those that are made with thermoelectric technology have fewer moving parts and therefore make less noise when in operation. Wine coolers made with compressor systems are more powerful and can reach cooler temperatures than thermoelectric units.

Find the Best Mini Wine Fridge for You

With a diverse selection of wine refrigerators, you are sure to find the one that works best with your style. Available in black, smoked stainless steel, mirrored, panel ready and more, Vinotemp’s wine coolers have a number of trims that will blend seamlessly with the style of your design. Racking is also produced in a variety of styles, from traditional wire racking to the new Ouzo™ style wine racks which are a Vinotemp exclusive. Lastly, interior lighting varies from more traditional styles to modern LED, making it easy to find a bottle of wine no matter how dark the room is.

Find the best wine cooler to fit your collection by browsing our selection of small wine refrigerators. If you have any questions while shopping, please feel free to contact us.
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