15-Inch Wine Coolers

15-Inch Wine Coolers

For over thirty years Vinotemp has been producing the best wine storage solutions in the industry.

Our catalog includes 15-inch wine fridges that can be built-in and installed undercounter. Wine refrigerators that are 15-inches wide have the advantage of being able to fit in a space once occupied by a standard trash compactor. Available in multiple styles and finishes, you are sure to find the perfect wine cooler for your home.

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15-Inch Wine Cellar Features

Here are some of the features of our 15-inch wine coolers:

  • Front exhaust for built-in or undercounter installation
  • Multiple finishes: stainless, smoked black stainless, black, and panel ready
  • Digital temperature control
  • Pole or curved handles
  • Some models available with reversible door swing
  • Interior lighting
  • Wire racking or wire racking with wood lip
  • Locking door with key
  • Modern compressor cooling technology
  • Select models include dynamic/silent mode

Benefits of Owning a Wine Refrigerator

Investing in a wine refrigerator provides you with the ideal environment for properly storing your wine collection. Wines can be fragile as they are sensitive to light, temperature, improper humidity, and vibration. If stored long term in the kitchen refrigerator, your wine may become too cold and experience dry conditions that will cause cork shrinkage. The cupboard has inconsistent temperatures that may be too warm for wine. Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators with front exhaust can fit seamlessly under a counter or recessed into cabinetry, giving you a space saving storage solution. If you already have a large wine cellar in your home, a wine refrigerator can be set to serving temperature, ensuring you are always serving your guests wine at the proper temperature.

Your Dream Wine Refrigerator is Here

Vinotemp has many of the best reviewed wine coolers on the market. Shop our selection today! For additional assistance, please contact us at 1-800-777-VINO (8466) or email sales@vinotemp.com.
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