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Vinotemp Wine Dispenser Systems for Open Bottle Wine Coolers - Price Varies

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Vinotemp’s Wine Dispenser Systems transform your existing open bottle wine cooler into a wine dispenser. Designed and handcrafted in our Southern California facility, each kit comes with everything you need to serve and preserve your wine.
Why do I need a wine dispenser? Now a staple in the restaurant, hospitality, and wine industry, wine dispensers allow you to serve a wider variety of wine and preserve each open bottle for up to 4 weeks.
Entice customers with wine. Placing your wine on display in an open bottle wine cooler allows guests to see what is available, inviting them to enjoy a wider variety!
No more broken bottles or spilled wine. Storing wine in an open wine bottle cooler and dispensing on the spot means you do not have to worry about carrying a wine bottle around to serve guests. Additionally, with the wine dispenser’s precise pour, every last drop of wine is savored.
Save money. The combination of our open bottle wine cooler and wine dispenser system allows you to preserve open bottles of wine for up to 4 weeks. This means that you may open a variety of bottles to please guests and do not have to worry about throwing away the leftovers at the end of the day.

Why dispense from an open bottle wine cooler? Vinotemp offers a variety of stylish open bottle wine coolers that will complement any space! Open bottle wine coolers are a space saving solution as they do not need to be built into existing cabinetry like a traditional wine dispenser. You may place the open bottle cooler on any sturdy flat surface such as a countertop. With a variety of bottle capacities and sizes, you may easily move the cooler from space-to-space; event to event! Wine Dispenser Systems are a smart add-on that will allow you to maximize the benefits of your open bottle wine cooler.

Ideal for both residential and commercial use – anywhere wine is served!

  • Available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 bottle options!
  • Dispensing system includes: no-drip faucet, stopper-dispenser, manifold, 2 stage regulator, quick disconnect, tubing, and clamp.

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label (PDF)

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