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By the Glass Modular Wine Serving Unit


With the By the Glass Modular System, you can now pop open that expensive vintage, serve a single perfect serving, and not worry about the rest of the bottle going to waste! Simply place up to 2 bottles inside the chamber and select from one of 3 different portion settings to serve; no more over or under pours! The unused portion is then preserved within the unit and kept at the ideal temperature until the next use—no more wastage! Utilizing only a 10 inch by 10 inch space, the By the Glass Modular System is easily expandable; endless units may be linked together. Its modern Dutch design and dimmable spotlights perfectly put the focus on the quality wines inside. Moreover, its side panels (optional) may be matched to any environment or a perfect presentation of wine collections for an in-house wine tasting. Perfect for wine tasting events, you can now have a wide variety of wine available since each open bottle will be preserved for up to 2 weeks, sometimes 4 depending on the wine. Ideal for both commercial and residential use, each dispenser utilizes eco-friendly thermoelectric technology—your money will stay in your till or wallet and not on your electric bill! The ultra-stylish By the Glass Modular System is extremely easy to use; it will take you or your staff longer to uncork a bottle than it will to place the bottle into the unit and serve! Each unit sold separately. Side panels must be purchased separately. Additional dispenser head (per unit) is optional. A gas kit is required to operate this unit (sold separately). Imported from The Netherlands.

Price: $2,700.00 ea.
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  • Let your customers “try before they buy”
  • Keeps wine at the optimum serving temperature
  • All cords in the rear may be linked to only 1 output
  • Side panel available (sold separately) and may be matched to any interior
  • Additional dispenser head (per unit) is optional
  • A gas kit is required to operate this unit (sold separately)
  • For free-standing, built-in installation, or wall mount
  • Standard 3 portion settings per bottle position – full, half, and tasting
  • Doors can be locked to avoid access if needed
  • For optimum hygiene, tubes which guide the wine are easy to change
  • 2 different cork types for different bottle types
  • 3 energy saving LED lights create a “warm white” display, dimmable
  • Capacity: each unit holds 2 bottles
  • Utilizes either nitrogen or argon gas to preserve open bottles
  • Dispensing pressure: 35. - 5 psi
  • One year guarantee on all components
  • Temperature: 43-68 degrees
  • Dimensions (not including side panels): 9 4/5”W x 9 1/10” D x 27 1/5”H

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label (PDF)

Please Note: In order to allow of a modular connection to the NO2, internal regulator is not included on this model.

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