30-Inch Wine & Beverage Cooler

30-Inch Wine & Beverage Cooler
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SKU Number: EL-30SWCB2D

Vinotemp’s new, 30-inch wide wine and beverage cooler model EL-30SWCB2D is perfect for those who love to entertain and provide cold drinks. With two independent temperature zones, this unit can hold up to 33 standard (750 mL) wine bottles in the right compartment and 101 12 oz. cans on the left. The beverage compartment has flat, adjustable glass shelving which allows for storing and/or stacking your favorite canned beverages. The wine compartment employs Ouzo™ flat shelving with a black lip that have grooves to hold the bottles in place. A black cabinet with two seamless stainless steel doors with dual-pane glass makes this unit an attractive addition to any kitchen or bar. Equipped with front exhaust compressor cooling technology, the sleek EL-30SWCB2D wine & beverage cooler is designed to be built into existing cabinetry or to be used as a stand-alone unit. Modern soft blue interior LED lighting showcases your wine making it easy to read and select each bottle. A built-in lock and key provides extra security from unwanted tampering. A temperature control panel with digital display is conveniently located at the top of each compartment making it simple to adjust the temperature for each zone. The Vinotemp EL-30SWCB2D wine and beverage cooler is constructed to be larger in width to fit a 30-inch wide appliance. The dual nature of this refrigerator provides versatility in the handling of your love for both glass and canned drinks.


• All black wine and beverage cooler
• Dynamic / Silent Mode
• Dual zone 
• Free standing or built-in installation 
• 2 Seamless stainless steel glass doors 
• Door lock and key 
• Interior light 
• Digital temperature control panel on each side 
• Left zone holds 101 12 oz. cans 
• Right zone holds 33 standard wine bottles, other types of bottles will reduce capacity 
• To remove the shelf, you have to remove the contents and tilt it up to remove from the locking shelf. This is done to protect the shelf from pulling out. 
• 4 tempered glass shelves in the left zone 
• *Vinotemp’s patented wine racks with black lip 
• 6 sliding Ouzo™ style wine racks 
• Equipped with front exhaust for built-in or freestanding installation 
• Temperature range: left zone (39-64°F), right zone (41-64°F) 
• Dimensions: 29-1/2”W x 22-1/2”D x 34-3/4”H 
This item is CEC Compliant
Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label

Control Panel
Dual Digital Control Panels
It's a cinch to set different temperatures for your wine and beverages, or power the lights on and off, with easy-to-use, digital control panels located in separate compartments.

shelves with cradle design
Close-up of Ouzo™ Racking With and Without Wine Bottles
Specially designed Ouzo™ style wine shelves have grooves to hold bottles in place.

empty and full glass shelves
Tempered Glass Shelves
Tempered glass shelves, on the left, keep your favorite beverages perfectly chilled.

top light and security lock
Top Interior Light & Lock
Interior lighting provides a nice soft display for your bottles, and a security lock provides protection from unwanted guests.

Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be processed.

*Legal Protection & Intellectual Property Rights
Vinotemp claims and enforces intellectual property rights for its products, including, but not limited to, its trademarks, patents, and copyrights. In addition to Vinotemp's registered trademarks, Vinotemp claims ownership of its distinctive trade dress for wine storage units, which includes a glass front and individual shelves inside the storage units holding the bottles in a horizontal position, with the bases of the bottles facing outward. Each of the shelves has a black front that is high enough to cover most of the bottom half of each bottle. This arrangement gives the unique impression that the bottles are "floating" within the storage unit. Exemplary photographs showing Vinotemp’s highly recognizable black wine rack face are provided above.

Vinotemp works to enforce its intellectual property rights to protect its customers and ensure that all Vinotemp designs and products are authentic. If you have any questions about the authenticity of your wine storage unit, please contact us at 310.886.3332.

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Reviewed on 2/17/2021, By Kathy B.
  • Quality
We have just received our element by Vinotemp wine/beverage center and are very pleased with it's appearance. We look forward to assessing it's performance when it is fully stocked and we have it set into our built-in cabinet space.
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Great process and we enjoy the new beverage cooler.

Reviewed on 10/28/2020, By David Z.
  • Quality
Great process and we enjoy the new beverage cooler.
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Perfect Device for Beer and Wine

Reviewed on 9/14/2020, By Michael P.
  • Quality
The delivery of the refrigerator arrived on time, and the crew were able to place it on my deck, just outside my kitchen. I successfully moved it to the space inside our cabin, and set it up. Easy to adjust the temperature between the wine and beer sections, as well as getting the shelves set correctly. Works perfectly!
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Everything was better than expected...

Reviewed on 7/24/2020, By Ross A.
  • Quality
Everything was better than expected from order to delivery to product
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Reviewed on 6/5/2020, By Lad M.
  • Quality
We love our Dual Zone Beverage & Wine Cooler!! This was a much needed appliance in our household. Now we can store wine and other beverages which freed up space in our fride for kids drinks and more food. The dimensions were perfect and install was super easy! LOOKS GREAT TOO!!!
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It's only been a month

Reviewed on 1/28/2020, By Thomas T.
  • Quality
It's only been a month but dual temp/double door under counter unit is working as advertised. attractive. not as quiet as advertised but not loud either. This is my second Vinotemp and the other one is
10 years old and still works perfectly.
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Reviewed on 12/31/2019, By Thomas
  • Quality
Vinotemp dual zone, double door beverage and wine cooler is attractive and meets all out beverage needs.
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