Remodeling and Home Design Porch
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Custom Wine Room Request Form

This information will help us to understand exactly what features you would like in your custom wine room:
Personal Info
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Wine Room Info
Approx. measured from the door to the back wall
Height of room or height you want the racks
Location & size of the door and/or opening
Example: the door opening is 52 inches wide and 92 inches tall, located on the right side, 5 inches from corner
Location & dimensions of previous cooling unit
If no cooling unit is installed, select one
Note: Split systems require professional installation
Describe other unique characteristics of your room
Racking Info
Yes/No, How many cubicles, How deep (1,2,or 3 bottles)
Example: yes, 5 cubicles, 2 bottles deep

Wood Rack Types

3 inch (Split or .375ml)
3-3/8 inch (Traditional Reds)
3-3/4 inch (Reds/Whites)
4 inch (Champagne)
4-12 inch (Magnum)

Cellar Trellis Rack Types

3 inch (Split or .375 ml)
3-3/8 inch (Traditional Reds)
3-3/4 inch (Reds / Whites)
4 inch (Champagne)
4-1/2 inch (Magnum)

Decanting Options

Check Box to Include a Decanting Area
Select Choice for Top Section (table)
Select Choice for Bottom Section (below table)
Other Racks
Rack 1
Rack 1 Quantity
Rack 2
Rack 2 Quantity
Rack 3
Rack 3 Quantity
Other Options
Describe any other options or modifications not listed so far
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