400E-Model Extreme Wine Cabinet with 2 Doors

400E-Model Extreme Wine Cabinet with 2 Doors
VINO-400EC-TD Latitude East
VINO-400EC-TD Latitude East Economy Series Swatches Insulation 400E-Model Economy Wine Cabinet
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Freezing Protection Kit

Optional Freezing Protection Kit: Provides safe heating to prevent wine from freezing at cold temperatures as low as 20°F

Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Monitor Kit

Optional Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Monitor Kit: Sends custom text and e-mail alerts to notify you when the temperature or humidity exceeds your desired range, when the monitor battery is low, or when the connection is lost.

The Vinotemp 400E extreme wine cellar is a hand crafted wine cabinet that features a state-of-the-art Wine-Mate cooling system. This cabinet has an approximate capacity of 280 bottles. Upgrade the insulation and cooling system and this makes an excellent cabinet for garage or basement use.

Note: The New Leaf Warranty is ONLY for the cooling unit and NOT the cabinet.


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Delivery and Installation Considerations

Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks production time for this product. 

Please allow an extra 2-4 weeks production time for any modifications or upgrades on the insulation and custom finishes.

*Please note: cabinets with rear exhaust must be placed 6 inches away from the back wall. Additionally, there should be 12 inches of clearance above the top of the cabinet and 12 inches on each side. This will ensure adequate ventilation of the heat exhaust. 

**Please note: additional delivery fees may apply for delivery to locations that are hard to access, have stairs, in locations where the delivery company cannot safely use the building elevator to lift the goods to an upper floor, or when more than 2 delivery associates are required to safely lift an oversized item.        

***Please note: Shipping to the East Coast may have additional charges. These shipping prices are prequoted, however, there may be additional charges for shipping to the East Coast.

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