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By the Glass Modular Wine Serving Unit
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Modular Wine Dispenser
Front: 2 units
Angle, door open
Angle, door closed
In use
By the Glass Modular Wine Serving Unit
Price: $2,700.00

Shipping: $125.00
With the By the Glass Modular System, you can now pop open that expensive vintage, serve a single perfect serving, and not worry about the rest of the bottle going to waste! Simply place up to 2 bottles inside the chamber and select from one of 3 different portion settings to serve; no more over or under pours! The unused portion is then preserved within the unit and kept at the ideal temperature until the next use—no more wastage! Utilizing only a 10 inch by 10 inch space, the By the Glass Modular System is easily expandable; endless units may be linked together. Perfect for wine tasting events, you can now have a wide variety of wine available since each open bottle will be preserved for up to 2 weeks, sometimes 4 depending on the wine. Ideal for both commercial and residential use, each dispenser utilizes eco-friendly thermoelectric technology—your money will stay in your till or wallet and not on your electric bill! The ultra-stylish By the Glass Modular System is extremely easy to use; it will take you or your staff longer to uncork a bottle than it will to place the bottle into the unit and serve! Each unit sold separately. Side panels must be purchased separately. A gas kit is required to operate this unit (sold separately). Imported from The Netherlands.

Price: $2,700.00 ea.
Shipping: $125.00 ea.
• Let your customers “try before they buy” 
• Keeps wine at the optimum serving temperature 
• All cords in the rear may be linked to only 1 output 
• Side panel available (sold separately) and may be matched to any interior 
• A gas kit is required to operate this unit (sold separately) 
• For free-standing, built-in installation, or wall mount 
• Standard 3 portion settings per bottle position – full, half, and tasting 
• Doors can be locked to avoid access if needed 
• For optimum hygiene, tubes which guide the wine are easy to change 
• 2 different cork types for different bottle types 
• 3 energy saving LED lights create a “warm white” display, dimmable 
• Capacity: each unit holds 2 bottles 
• Utilizes either nitrogen or argon gas to preserve open bottles 
• Dispensing pressure: 35. - 5 psi
• One year guarantee on all components 
• Temperature: 43-68 degrees 
• Dimensions (not including side panels): 9.8”W x 9.1” D x 27.2”H

Side Panels
Modular Installation Kit
Modular Unit Installation
Refillable Gas Cylinder Kit without Tank (VT-BTG-900)
Refillable Gas Cylinder Kit with Tank (VT-BTG-800)

Please Note: In order to allow of a modular connection to the NO2, internal regulartor is not included on this model.

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Owner's Manual