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Black (Standard)
Wine-Mate 4510HZD Cooling Unit
Front view
Top View
Back View
Control Panel
Wine-Mate 4510HZD Customizable Wine Cooling System
Price: $3,389.00

Shipping: $177.00

The 4510HZD Self-Contained Cooling Unit is designed to provide a stable temperature between 50 and 65°F - perfect for long term wine storage. Redesigned with a curved supply grille and front panel, this cooling unit will bring dynamic style to any space. The VINO-4510HZD is the first fully customizable wine cooling unit on the market, giving you the option to create the ultimate cooling system that caters to your wine storage needs. 

Wine-Mate cooling systems are also perfect for storing fine fur, cigars, leather goods, chocolate and salami! For an additional cost, Wine-Mate systems can be customized for your exact storage needs - please call for more information!

  • All-in-one cooling system that ships ready to install - no refrigeration technician needed
  • Temperature and humidity ranges are optimized for long term wine storage
  • Our patented humidity modulator technology helps maintain ideal humidity levels inside your cellar eliminating the need for an external humidifier
  • Condenser fan features quiet and high-speed settings, enabling the unit to operate even at extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Self-contained system with standard rear-exhaust
  • Humidity can be adjusted through the temperature control
  • Optional built-in temperature activated outlet compatible with cellar heaters (heater not included)
  • Backward curved impeller fans can duct the supply air and exhaust air each 50ft in total
  • Adjustable evaporator fan allows for flexible installations: through-wall, through-wall with ductwork, in-cellar with duct work, and remote-mount with duct work. 
  • Temperature Range: 50-65°F
  • Dimensions: 14.375"w x 21.5"d x 20"h
  • Coverage size: 1000 Cubic Feet
  • This unit can vent outdoors
  • Add the patented Wine-Mate Call Feature to recieve immediate phone notification if your cellar temperature falls out of the desired range (US PATENT NUMBER 8,710,985 B2).

Important Documents:
Installation Guidelines

Power Cord Location
Exhaust System Configuration
Supply Grille Direction: Choose to direct cold air to the left, right, or straight out into your space to optimize airflow.
Compressor Heater: Protect your compressor against low ambient temperatures with the compressor heater.
Heater Outlet: Outlet for a freezing protection heater.
Reusable Condenser Air Filter: Condenser air filter is removable and washable for easy cleaning.
Remote Call Feature: Allows you to receive notifications when the temperature of your cellar falls out of the desired range.
Insulated Duct: For ducted installation - compatible with the duct adaptor.
Duct Adaptor: For ducted installation - compatible with the insulated duct.

Mounting Brackets for Self-Contained Wine-Mate Cooling Units Please note: some installations may require 4 brackets instead of 2.

Please allow 7-10 business days for production. Thank you.
*Patented, U.S. Patent No. 8,161,761
If selecting Hammertone as the finish, production time will be 4-6 weeks.