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Vinotemp's quality wine storage products have made it a leader in the industry. Our complete line of custom cabinets ranges from the Economy Series cabinets, which are popular to have converted into garage units, to fine furniture in the Sonoma and Reserve Series cabinets with elegance and style which no other company can offer. Our high end cabinets are tailored for customers who ask for perfection like the Bellagio in Las Vegas and other private clients in the entertainment industry. Famous individuals have our units in their homes highly upgraded and specialized for them. Vinotemp sells direct and orders placed with our factory can be customized however you like, but we are also proud of our distinguished network of retail partners allowing you greater accessibility to our products. Unlike those of many competitors, our wood cabinet line is made locally in southern California from scratch, so you can trust where your products are coming from.

Sonoma 700L
Performance 500
440 Sienna
Le Cache
Euro 3800
Total Price $5,389 $7,190 $4,595 $5,499
Base Price $5,389 $7,190 $4,595 --
Racked Bottle Capacity 464 446 448 408
Total Bottle Capacity 464 446 448 458
Location manufactured Made in California Imported USA
Size (W x D x H) 55 x 31.5 x 93.5
52 x 27.5 x 68.5 53.5 x 29.5 x 76
60 x 31 x 91
Customization Available YES Not Available
Not Available
Cherry Wood Upgrade Included Not Available Alder Hardwood
Finish Options 21 options 6 options 3 options  3 options
Cornice and Base Included Not Available Not Available  Included
Furniture Trim Included Not Available Not Available  Included
Racking All-Redwood Racking
Metal with
Wood Trim Shelves
Metal Racking All-wood Racking
Cell Capacity 3.5" spacing -- 3.25" - 3.75"  3.75"
Cost of Additional Shelves -- $399 (6) -- --
Glass Window Door Included $800 Included Included
Cooling System Wine-Mate EuroCave WhisperKOOL
Digital Temp Control Included Included Included Included
Adjustable Humidity Included Clay Humidity Cassette Included Included
Top Vent (Allows for placing flush with back wall) Included Rear Vent
Included Included
Light Available Included LED $130
Locks Available Included Included Included
Cooling System Warranty 5 Years
1 Year
5 Yr Compressor Only
2 Years
5 Yr Compressor Only
5 Years
Ships Within 3 Days -
8 Weeks*
(*For customizations)
5 - 10 Days 10 - 14 Days 5 - 7 Days

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